🎙10 DX Libera Driver, Memories, and Imabari Castle / 解放という名のベルト、思い出、そして今治城の巻

[2022] Avataro Sentai Don Brothers

[Synopsis] The 46th Super Sentai. By using Avataro Gear, it is possible... 

  • Tokusatsu Connection: Interview with Akira

    Tokusatsu Connections

    The core of our program and this is where our fans and customers to meet new Toku-friends and Toku-toys.

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  • Shikoku Tourism

    Introducing Tourism & Culture in Japan from a non-native perspective. Co-Hosted with Rod Walter, CEO of Shikoku Tours Co., Ltd

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  • Uwajima Questions

    A weekly Cultural Exchange segment with Students from Uwajima Minami Secondary School & CSTOYS' worldwide customers.

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  • Uwajima World Link

    Uwajima Updates

    A weekly segment to update Uwajima with something new every week.

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